Network, Security, Wireless, Carrier, and IoT services to power today's vital enterprises.

Our Services

  • Network Engineering— Routing, Switching, LAN, WAN, Campus
  • Security— Firewall, IPS, IDP, VPN, Access Control, Video
  • Wireless— WLAN, Mesh, Point-to-Point, Backhaul
  • IoT— Sensors, Lighting, Controls, Traffic Management, Fleet Management, Analytics
  • Professional Services and Assistance— Design, Procurement, Training, Project Management, 24x7x365 Emergency Service
  • Carrier Services

SullyMac has been on the forefront of technology infrastructure services since these systems were introduced.  Our expertise and experience are unrivalled in the region.

We offer a full suite of professional services that leverage industry best practices and methodologies and the real-world expertise of our teams. We go beyond the expected to accomplish the deployment of your complex solutions with the least possible disruption to your business.

Our services have been tapped by some of New England’s most demanding companies, government agencies, and other tech leaders, who recognize and rely on our ability to deliver the highest levels of service to their critical systems.

Our highly certified engineers build networks with three primary goals: security, reliability, and high performance. To get there, we only use proven network design principles and technologies. This creates a network that excels in availability, security, scalability, and performance. From there, we use advanced consolidation and virtualization technologies to further increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance business resiliency and agility. A cornerstone to this approach is the careful management of cost and the mitigation of risks that could affect the business or production infrastructure.

In addition to some of the best technicians in the business and state-of-the-art lab services, a large part of the reliability and innovation we provide our clients is built upon the relationships we have with premiere vendors—giving us access to up-to-the-minute innovations, training, and knowledge.

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Relevant Projects

American Airlines Relocation Project

A fast paced project to upgrade telecommunication services while not disrupting the day to day operations of American Airlines as they move their system to a new location in Terminal B.

Security Integration & Installation, Electrical Construction, Technologies
Terminal B Optimization Project L1375C2 (Boston Logan Airport)

The Terminal B Optimization Project consolidates American Airlines operations from two locations (Pier A and Pier B) in Terminal B to a single location in Pier B, and improves efficiency in security and airline operation while also providing adequate, convenient facilities to accommodate passengers.

Construction Site WiFi and TechSite Solution

SullyMac provided high-bandwidth wireless services to entire construction sites, as well as full-service ruggedized TechSite connectivity platforms, SullyMac is enabling site operators to achieve greater productivity and efficiency through streamlined coordination with architects, engineers, general contractors, and sister trades.