To maintain the integrity of specialized scientific environments—both during and after construction—great consideration must be given to the planning and execution of electrical and mechanical systems, right down to detailing the specs for each screw of a Class-1 Cleanroom. SullyMac continues to lead the way with proven capabilities in clean-building technologies and experience with installing advanced technology such as the DMX manufacturing facility for Reebok.

The SullyMac difference in Science & Technology

  • We have extensive experience in outfitting cleanrooms, pharma manufacturing facilities, semiconductor manufacturing, academic and research laboratories, nanotechnology facilities, biomedical facilities, and more
  • We have extensive experience in designing, installing, and maintaining the most sophisticated power generation, back-up, and IT/communications systems
  • We take extreme care working in specialized environments and have extensive experience in best practices and regulatory requirements
  • We understand how to successfully incorporate modern scientific infrastructure into historic academic buildings

Relevant Projects

Electrical Construction
Vertex Fan Pier Annex

Vertex Pharmaceuticals is an American Pharmaceutical company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1989, Vertex was one of the first biotech firms to use an explicit strategy of rational drug design rather than combinatorial chemistry.

Science & Technology
Fire Alarm
Biomed Realty Trust

Biomed Realty Trust is a nationwide & global real estate firm specializing in leasing, building, developing, and managing facilities for the biotech and life sciences community. Facilities are comprised of office space, lab space, and design build state of the art research and development space; all of which may have special and unique operational needs.

Science & Technology
MIT Nano

Dedicated to experimentation and instruction, MIT Nano represents one of the largest commitments to research in MIT’s history. The facility will carry the last two decades of nanoscale characterization and investigation into new realms of application and discovery.

Science & Technology, Education