Sullivan & McLaughlin is committed to the safety and protection of our workers and clients. Every member of SullyMac is trained and dedicated to working safely. We maintain key personnel at each jobsite charged with implementing site-specific safety plans and making sure that we are maintain the highest level of safety standards.

Safety Highlights:

  • Recognized as one of the safest electrical contractors in Massachusetts
  • Average 1 Million man hours per year
  • Full time safety officer
  • Consistently maintain MOD factor of less than the industry standard of 1
  • All employees are OSHA 10 trained

Our current Workers Compensation MOD Rate is better than the industry average by 15% as of 2017. This is a result of our diligent efforts in implementing our safety plan. SullyMac requires all personnel to utilize PPE per the requirements of NFPA 70E. SullyMac conducts weekly toolbox talks to encourage our work force to think about Safety First.

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