SullyMac’s pre-fab capabilities assure quality, meet timetables, and improve predictability of large-scale projects

Since 2011 Sullivan & McLaughlin has been constantly developing, coordinating and utilizing the expertise of the Design Coordination Department, project management and field personnel to streamline production in the field in order to complete projects ahead of schedule. The pre-fabrication shop was established in an attempt to minimize the amount of material handling required for our electrical installations. In 2014 we purchased our 35,000 square foot fab shop where materials are fabricated according to each job’s specifications then shipped to the job sites ready to install.

Our facility has the space to work daily with the following features to handle even the largest of projects in an efficient manner:

  • Gantry – Laying down and moving heavy equipment
  • Conduit Rack Assembly Mock-up – For testing process
  • Bandsaw – For production cutting of pipe, rod and enclosures
  • Threading – Production threading of 5” – ½” conduit
  • Bending – Production bending of 5” – ½” EMT and conduit, shotgun shoe, QA/QC checking table
  • Temp Testing Station – Testing voltages to check equipment is functioning before it ships
  • Mobile Work Benches – For many processes from QA/QC to Material Shake-out, larger jigs, and ergo panel prep
  • Fixed Work Benches – for most of the assemblies we make
  • MC Cutting and Coiling – 2 cutters for production whipping
  • Material Storage – Material inventoried for specific projects ready for build
  • Finished Product Storage – Staging of Pre-fab buildings for projects
  • Mock-Up Room – To mock-up electric rooms and FCC’s, or any other equipment rooms


  • Complete Electric Room Builds at Boston Medical Center
  • Seaport Parcel A Project – completed without the use of an on-site bender
  • Cable-tray custom fabrication at Seaport Parcel I
  • Conduit Rack Assembly at MIT Nano
  • Conduit Rack Assembly at New England Medical Center
  • Three day turn around at Houghton Mifflin for in-wall rough in
  • Lighting Controls Assemblies at Harvard Medical School
  • Fabricated Underground Duct banks at Alnylam and Harvard University Klarman Hall
  • Pre-assembled fixtures and Pre-wired flexible raceway at Mass General Hospital West Garage
  • Room In A Box – Complete in wall assembly