For mission-critical businesses (like the financial institution that clears 90% of NYSE trades) reliable electrical power cannot be compromised.  Our experience with major power generation projects gives customers of any size the peace of mind they seek in implementing power generation and distribution strategies to drive their processes. Big data has transformed the way many companies rely on secure, uninterrupted power. SullyMac transforms the level of confidence GCs, building managers, and facilities professionals have in their power-generation systems.

The SullyMac difference in Power Generation:

  • We have extensive experience in power distribution for big-data rooms in high-tech, scientific, academic, government, finance, and other sectors
  • We have extensive co-generation (CHP) experience, creating modern, efficient plants in a variety of settings
  • We provide state-of-the-art solar energy installations at virtually any scale
  • Our ability to provide experienced, cross-disciplined teams allows us to efficiently implement a comprehensive variety of power-gen projects