The Client

Lincoln Property Company is among the elite property management companies focusing on development, property management and real estate consulting services. Lincoln Properties is a nationwide company that exhibits vast knowledge in importance of location, quality of services and attention to detail.

The Project

161 Worcester Rd is a six story building with open atrium design.  As the building was renovated over the years, different makes and models of horn/strobes were installed.  The problem that was created was that none of the floors were in sync – when the alarm activated and the horn/strobes turned on, there were multiple flash patterns that could be seen from anywhere with the open area.

The project scope was to sync each individual floor and then to sync the floors together.  The work consisted of installing boosters on every floor, replacing non-syncable devices with devices of same make/model and installing a sync loop from the ground up.  The project required much attention to detail and sensitivity within certain tenant spaces.