Team SullyMac

Bill Gaylord Safety Officer

Bill joined Sullymac in 2006.  Led by Bill, the Safety Officer support both the Electrical Construction Division (ECD) and the Customer Solutions Division (CSD).  Bill is responsible for all things related to safety on our work sites, from training to site inspections to planning.



Shaun Mellett Electrical Construction Division Manager

Shaun is a licensed electrician and has been working in the electrical industry for over 18 years.  He began his career as part of the Local 103 Apprenticeship Program.  He choose to leave fieldwork and accepted a position as Project Estimator and, eventually a Project Manager in 2007.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Wentworth Institute of Technology and an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University.  He is currently managing the Electrical Division Team focusing primarily on planning, performance, work competency and growth.

David Donegan Customer Solutions Division Manager

Dave has been with SullyMac for 20 years and as the CSD Manager his focus is to keep up the tradition of executing successful projects for existing and new customers.  He also makes sure that SullyMac stays up to date on new technologies that could assist our customer base.



Team SullyMac

Energetic and collaborative in style, we foster team work and absolute commitment to getting the job done for our customers. Although our business began nearly 50 years ago, our basic priorities and commitments have remained the same: to our customers, a quality product at a reasonable price and to our employees, a compensation package of wages and benefits that far outweighs the industry average.

Dennis Miller Chief Executive Officer

Dennis joined the team in 2008 and brought with him a vast experience of business knowledge that has helped to reorganize SullyMac and will continue to steer the company onward in the future.

John McLaughlin President

John has been in a leadership position since joining the company in 1990 and is a major contributor to the company’s continued success and growing reputation within New England’s construction, real estate and business community. John’s expertise in operations management is key to the company’s ability to execute even the most challenging projects efficiently and effectively.

John Rudicus Executive Vice President, Sales and Customer Relations

An experienced manager with a background in sales and account development, John joined SullyMac in 1997.  He recognizes that sensitivity and responsiveness are the keys to building and maintaining solid relationships with clients. He understands what customers truly value – getting a quality job done fast, on time and on budget.

Larry Richmond Executive

Larry brings over 40 years experience in the electrical industry to SullyMac. As Team SullyMac’s Vice President, his responsibilities include overseeing day-to-day management of all construction operations and business development.

Gary Hodlin Chief Financial Officer

Chuck Richmond Executive

With over 30 years in the electrical industry, Chuck brings a wealth of hands-on supervisory experience to Sullivan & McLaughlin, having served as superintendent on some of Boston’s largest electrical projects.