Sullivan & McLaughlin was founded and built on commitment, competency and a ‘can do’ attitude. Our fundamental mission now is to continue these traditions by growing an organization that has the depth and resources of a larger construction company and the unstoppable ‘can do’ spirit of a start up.

We are committed to building an organization that provides opportunity to those employees who commit themselves towards this mission and assist in delivering exceptional performance and value to our electrical and communications customers.


Sullivan & McLaughlin was founded by Bill Sullivan (Sully) and John McLaughlin (Mac). The two teamed up to turn a small partnership into one of Boston’s most visible and respected electrical contractors today. Now with a staff of more than 500, Sullivan & McLaughlin has grown significantly since its beginnings.

The company is now owned and managed by the second generation – Hugh McLaughlin, John McLaughlin and W. John Rudicus –whose leadership is grounded in the same traditions and values that brought success forty years ago: commitment to our customers and high performance through teamwork.