Fire Alarm

Sullivan & McLaughlin’s integrated approach serves all of our clients’ fire protection needs.

We design, install, monitor and maintain life safety systems, providing an unsurpassed level of comprehensive fire protection. These services minimize risk, help prevent property loss and ensure a safer, more efficient environment—no matter the complexity. As a member of the US Green Building Council, we are the only fire alarm contractor in the state recognized for our emphasis on LEED initiatives and green business practices.


Sullivan & McLaughlin offers compliance testing to check and certify that the fire system is in working order. As required by federal, state and local code, routine inspections also eliminate potential liability for building owners should a fire emergency occur. It also saves our clients money on insurance and most importantly, helps our clients avoid problems, protecting their investment.

Tenant Improvement

Our team’s experience in working with fire and government authorities ensure the tenant improvements incorporate and comply with all federal, state and local code and insurance specifications, whether it is for an entire building or a tenant space. We seek to balance design considerations with aesthetics, budget and fire protection objectives and have the ability to work within tight timelines by harnessing our  relationships to expedite inspections. Through our strong relationships with general contractors and sub-contractors, we are able to manage an entire fire protection and management project, not just for one owner or one tenant, but for the entire development, maintaining the symmetry of the base building system as it expands into the tenant spaces.


As building owners in New England, our clients have to tackle the common challenge of out-of-date life safety and fire protection systems and the necessity of fire alarm control panel upgrades. As a company with a significant history, Sullivan & McLaughlin has a vast knowledge of and a flexibility to work with all product lines and a familiarity with any existing fire alarm panels a client may have.

Service Capability

Sullivan & McLaughlin has long-standing relationships with manufacturers and distributors of all product lines related to fire protection and life safety equipment. These solid relationships allow us to provide seamless service and maintenance of any type of system our clients have, from proprietary equipment to local distribution lines. Our strategic partnership with Local 550, Sprinkler Fitters, is imperative in our ability to supply our clients with our comprehensive service package as it relates to fire protection and compliance.

Services include

  • Fire and smoke detection systems
  • Emergency communications strategy
  • Critical process alarm and control
  • Integrated safety and building management

Green Reports

Paperless, web based reporting application available online 24/7/365

  • Paperless documentation
  • Timely inspections
  • Real time data
  • Electronic delivery
  • On-demand report archive

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