Sullivan & McLaughlin utilizes 3D modeling required for the coordination of a project.

We provide digital submissions through FTP sites, where all the information can be exchanged and coordinated.

Items included in Electrical Coordination:

  • Any conduit over 1” is shown, or in sets of 4 or more
  • Any panels, equipment, etc.
  • All equipment pads
  • Access areas will be shaded per code requirements on all equipment
  • All junction boxes
  • Any sleeve locations through floor slab or wall slab
  • All text labeling electrical items
  • All lighting recessed into the ceiling
  • Hangers and seismic bracing

Software Used:

  • AutoCAD MEP
  • Navisworks
  • Bluebeam
  • Revit

A SullyMac coordinator will be available on site for the electrical foreman and general contractor as needed. The coordinator and general foreman will attend all coordination meetings as required by the general contractor.

The coordinator will make changes as necessary throughout the coordination process, and in the end will complete a 3D model of the as-built conditions. Clash detections are run throughout the entire project to ensure there are no conflicts between electrical and other trades.