During the almost five decades since SullyMac was founded, the McLaughlin family has developed not only a successful company, but one that has also enhanced the communities in which they do business.

Everyone on Team SullyMac is encouraged to participate in charities, events and activities that enrich civic life. This is especially true within the communities that we do business.

The Ballybreen-Drumaville Trust

In 2000, the McLaughlin family founded The Ballybreen–Drumaville Trust named after two family farms in Ireland. The Trust is designed to enhance educational opportunities for underprivileged youth who live in the local area by funding scholarships for parochial grammar school students and/or private high school students. For more information, please contact us at 617-474-0500.

Civic Support

Sullivan & McLaughlin demonstrates a strong commitment to the people in our local communities through the work of its Civic Support Team, which is comprised of members of the management team and employees who are responsible for distributing funds for various local charities and events. For more information, please contact us at 617-474-0500.


Sullivan & McLaughlin has been involved with several charities in Haiti since the mid 1990’s.  The most recent involvement in Haiti comes from a project with Partners In Health helping to construct the new Mirebalais Teaching Hospital.  Sullivan & McLaughlin has organized a team of over 100 volunteers from the company and IBEW Local 103 to travel to Haiti to provide labor and to teach the local Haitian electricians so that they may have the necessary skills to work on their own in the future.

Check out a video of our efforts here: